Mayor Rob Adams supports the White Ribbon campaign

Photo of Mayor Rob Adams and EmilyIn a letter to the editor, Orangeville Mayor Rob Adams lends his support to the Headwaters White Ribbon campaign.

Last month, around Father’s Day, a poster appeared featuring Terry and Josh Sanderson and Josh’s daughter, Ashley. These well-respected men stood up and made a call to end violence against women. This month, it’s my turn, along with my daughter Emily. As a father, it was an easy decision. It is absolutely unacceptable for our daughters to grow up in a world that allows violence to happen. It’s time for the silent majority of men to stand together on this. That’s why I encourage the men in our community to visit and sign the pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence to women. On behalf of my daughter Emily, I thank you.

Source: “Violence against women is unacceptable,” Orangeville Banner (July 25, 2012) 

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